Matic Novak

I'm Matic Novak

Full stack developer

  • Age
  • E-mail
  • Phone +386 41 721 924
  • Freelance from February 2010
  • Education Master’s Degree, Computer and Information Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Great passion for developing applications, particularly interested in Back End Development and relational database design. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Facing with Big Data lately (using Apache Kafka, Spark, non relational databases). Also highly interested in machine learning, including data mining. Setting up computer networks and playing with IoT devices as a hobby. I love all things security!

Professional Skills


  • Microsoft technologies: C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms, Web Forms, Visual Basic
  • Other web technologies: JavaEE, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS
  • Web services: REST, SOAP, (XML)
  • Other technologies: Java, C, Python, Matlab, R, Android
  • Stream processing: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, ksqlDB
  • Databases: Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, ER planning, MongoDB, InfluxDB, TimescaleDB
  • ORMs: ADO.NET, EclipseLink
  • Regression and performance tests: Selenium, JMeter
  • Cloud platforms: Azure, IBM BlueMix
  • Server administration: IIS, HTTPS
  • Version control: GIT, SVN
  • CMS: Joomla, Wordpress, DotNetNuke
  • Others: SEO, Email Campaigning

Business Intelligence

  • Data mining, Natural Language Processing
  • Classification: Naive Bayesian and Decision Tree, SVM, LDA, K-nearest neighbours
  • Clustering
  • Linear and Logistic regression with Ridge and Lasso regularization
  • Neural Networks
  • Feature selection, Gini index, Information gain score
  • Recommendation systems, Matrix factorization
  • Model quality evaluation, ROC
  • Python: NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, pandas; R


  • Network Engineering: DD-WRT, OpenVPN
  • System administration: backup, encryption
  • Office stuff: Microsoft Office, LaTeX

Work Experience

2018 - up to present

Software Engineer


Developing solutions for finance industry.
Technology consists of C#, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Apacha Kafka, ksqlDB, Kafka Streams, Apache Spark, Windows Forms, SignalR, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Javascript, Angular...

2014 - up to present

Lead Web Developer

CGS Labs d.o.o.

Developing, upgrading and enhancing ASP.NET applications and APIs.
Integrating our aplications with external systems via APIs: FastSpring, Paddle, ActiveCampaign, NLB...
Technology consists of C#, ASP.NET, RESTful, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, git, payment services, Javascript and other front-end stuff...

2016 - 2017

Web Developer

eS-NET d.o.o.

Developing with Microsoft (VB.NET, Razor, MS SQL) and frontend (JavaScript) technologies.

Jun 2013 - Feb 2014


Amis, d.o.o.

Marketed Amis' telecommunication services (internet, television, telephone) on the field.

Jun 2012 - Sep 2013

Marketer in Call Center

Excellent SME Slovenia

Marketed certificates for demonstrating excellence of company and protecting their websites against copying.

2010 - up to present

Freelance Developer

Developed, maintained and promoted more than thirty websites and online shops. Implemented and examined web software such as traffic analyzers, banner programs and onsite search engines. Migrated hosting servers with detailed plans including simulating, testing and setting up complex configurations. Managed Google Adwords advertising. Prepared email campaigns, mostly with Mailchimp.


2017 - 2018

Master's Degree, Software Engineering, Erasmus+

Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark, Odense

2016 - 2018

Master's Degree, Computer and Information Science

Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana



Cisco Networking Academy

2013 - 2016

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer and Information Science

Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana


CCNA Discovery

Cisco Networking Academy

2009 - 2013

High school graduate

Technical Gymnasium Novo mesto


  • Thanks for wonderful cooperation. Matic is really the best web developer I ever meet. A lot of own ideas, very efficient, never late on a schedule and his only reply to all of our changes was: 'no problem'. Congratulations on a very good work!

    Andrej Steklasa, Letsgo d.o.o.
    Andrej Steklasa Letsgo d.o.o., owner and manager

My Interests

I had trained volleyball since childhood and I enjoy playing it.
I also love taking trips to places which I haven't visited yet, especially with a bicycle.

  • Bicycling
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Workout
  • Taking trips
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Repairing things

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